An Exquisite Paradox An Exquisite Paradox: Who Am I?
Who Am I?
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Who Am I?

My dreams belong to me…they have no boundaries, no harnesses, and no rules.

My name is Lee…this blog is only the surface as to who I am. It’s an expression of images and mental conversations with emotions and thoughts. You can sum me up to an unusual suspect, art/book junkie, and thinking guru.

My motto: No expectations, no demands…no regrets.

Fascinations: • Photography • Graffiti/street art • Graphic novels/comic books • Philosophy of Alice in Wonderland • Queer/Femme Lesbian women • Reading • Art • Music • Philosophy • Daydreaming • Thinking • Animals • Caffeine • Chocolate • Venetian Masks • Traveling • Nature • Blood • Rain • Sex • Mystery • Vampires • Skulls/Skeletons • Life & Death • Love • Passion • Devotion…

Unless duly noted, I do not claim any of these images to be mine.

Please note, this blog is for mature viewers.

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